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Own Who You Are!

What does it mean to “own who you are”?  The concept of owning who you are goes back to the basic principles of self-knowledge and self-awareness, with a proactive drive towards making sound decisions and taking positive actions to promote self-empowerment.  Self-empowerment then becomes the basis for community empowerment. Before we as individuals can address external issues […]

DeBe Wear Launch Message

I AM FREE!  These are strong words that can emit even stronger feelings.  These are words that people on a daily basis fiercely struggle to retain and fearlessly fight to attain.  These are words that nations are founded in and strive to allocate to it’s citizens by means of laws and systems.  Even though we […]

Should we value our diversity?

Do we value the diversity in our community? Do we realize people of different religions, political views, sexuality, social and economical classes, and cultural traditions make our community stronger? We should embrace our diversity and use it as a tool to strengthen our community for all who live in it. OWYA

Are you “Owning the Game”?

One way to improve upon current conditions in your community is to not just change the game, but to own the game.  Owning the game means setting in place value systems that are beneficial to your  livelihood. It may mean listening primarily to music that uplifts your spirits. It may mean watching television shows and […]

What is a financial plan?

Just like you go to a doctor to get a checkup, or you go to the mechanic for a scheduled oil change, you must consciously be aware of your financial condition. You don’t have to be wealthy to be concerned about your financial situation. In fact, if you’re not wealthy it’s more important for you […]

Do you know your food?

When was the last time you looked on the label of a food product you were about to purchase to see what is in it? When was the last time you associated the image of the animal to the meat you were about to eat? Should we continue to trust that the food that is […]

Keeping it R.E.A.L.!

Do you know how to really keep it R.E.A.L.(Respect Essentially All Life)? Keeping it real means knowing that the environment in which we live provides us with everything we need to survive. Keeping it real means knowing that if we destroy the environment, we are essentially destroying ourselves. Let’s keep it real… We as humans can be very damaging to our surroundings in […]

African American history does not start at enslavement!

Can some of the challenges that are faced in the African-American community be a result of a limited or lack of African centered history in American schools and the home?  If African-American people understood that their rich history was not only about overcoming human rights atrocities here in the United States, but also included a […]