Own the Promise of a Nation

The United States of America is a great country.  It is founded on the promise that all people are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Do you have a “owners” or “renters” mentality when it comes to holding the United States accountable for this promise?  If you have a “renters” mentality for this country, you may sit back and wait for change to reach your desired outcome.  If you have a “owners” mentality for this country, you more than likely put forth actions that impact actual change.  Do you often find your group portrayed as a “renter” of this country, portrayed as someone who is only given the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness by law as opposed to someone who is endowed these rights by their Creator?  If so, remember that we the people, all own the responsibility to ensure we hold our country accountable for keeping the promise.  By exercising this responsibility, we lay claim in the ownership of this country.

OWYA (Own Who You Are)

Take Whose Country Back?

In an effort to continue to bring balance and equality to the value of all citizens of the United States of America, should we refer to “white” people in the U.S. as “European Americans”?  Would that give new prospective to the term “Take our country back!” if European Americans were reminded that like African Americans, Asian Americans, Indian Americans, and the different variations of Latino Americans, they only have part-ownership in America?


Own Who You Are!

What does it mean to “own who you are”?  The concept of owning who you are goes back to the basic principles of self-knowledge and self-awareness, with a proactive drive towards making sound decisions and taking positive actions to promote self-empowerment.  Self-empowerment then becomes the basis for community empowerment.

Before we as individuals can address external issues that impact our lives and our community, we must first have a clear understanding of who we are as individuals.  Having that clear understanding of who you are is what helps you to develop the confidence to trust, respect, and have faith in yourself.  That confidence is then what allows you to make sound decisions to promote sustainment and take empowering actions, as well as to accept full responsibility for the results of those decisions and actions.  And that is the foundation of the basic principle of ownership.  This simple principle of ownership, when applied to the self, becomes a powerful tool for positive change.  Once you develop a sense of ownership over yourself, you can then apply that same sense of ownership to all areas of your life.  Whether it’s relationships, school, work, or your community, the way you interact in all of those areas will be directly impacted by your sense of ownership, first over yourself and then in all other areas.  However, ownership over self does not necessarily come naturally; it is a proactive choice that you have to make.  And it’s the best decision you can make for yourself and for your community.


DeBe Wear

DeBe Wear Launch Message

DeBe Wear Launch Message
I AM FREE!  These are strong words that can emit even stronger feelings.  These are words that people on a daily basis fiercely struggle to retain and fearlessly fight to attain.  These are words that nations are founded in and strive to allocate to it’s citizens by means of laws and systems.  Even though we are told we innately benefit from being free in our daily lives, we occasionally challenge the genuineness of the freedoms that we are told we have.  Do you really practice freedom?  Do you just live through an adopted definition of what freedom is?  Do you even know what your freedoms are?  Do you look for someone else to grant or deny your freedom?  These are questions that can only be answered by you, and DeBe Wear was established to remind you of that.  “Own Who You Are” is our company motto and our goal is to spread this message throughout the world.  DeBe Wear will remind you of the theme, “Own Who You Are”, through the resilient experiences of people of the African Diaspora. This will allow all cultures of the world to benefit from its rich history.  DeBe Wear will emphasize ownership in 5 areas we call Elements.  Those 5 Elements are Social Self Awareness, Health, Environment Awareness, Education, and Economic Responsibility.  DeBe Wear will focus on the importance of owning these 5 Elements within ourselves and our communities.

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We look forward to the journey with you!

#OWYA (Own Who You Are)
DeBe Wear