Keeping it R.E.A.L.!

Do you know how to really keep it R.E.A.L.(Respect Essentially All Life)? Keeping it real means knowing that the environment in which we live provides us with everything we need to survive. Keeping it real means knowing that if we destroy the environment, we are essentially destroying ourselves. Let’s keep it real… We as humans can be very damaging to our surroundings in the environment. Our over-demand to provide for ourselves has created a system that often only looks out for our species and not the entire ecosystem. We cannot continue to think that we were only put on this Earth to have dominion over it, but instead, realize we were put on this Earth, like all other life forms, to live harmoniously. We will never destroy this Earth but we can destroy our ability to live on it.  Let’s keep it real and be good neighbors and use our intelligence to make this world a better place for not only humans, but for all living creatures.