Secondhand Violence

Is the bombardment of images displaying violence against Black People intentional?  Constant violent images against a group of people can make that group of people feel like they are under attack.  This is harmful to their health because of the stress it creates in their mind, body, and soul!!! It can be particularly harmful if they personally are not able to put forth actions that can stop the violent acts from happening. They can feel like a defenseless victim.  This can also increase their perception of the world to be more cynical, which again can lessen their will to want to change things.

If the coverage of violence against Black People is leaving your spirit feeling harmed, please stop watching the programs that display these images and instead, use that time to become a part of the solution to hold the guilty people and systems accountable for their immortal actions.


Do you know your food?

When was the last time you looked on the label of a food product you were about to purchase to see what is in it? When was the last time you associated the image of the animal to the meat you were about to eat? Should we continue to trust that the food that is sold to us provides the nutrients needed to carry on a healthy life? These are questions that may make you ask yourself, “do I know my food”.  Just like most things in life, to really feel comfortable with something, we first need to be more familiar with it. With most friends that we have, we first get to know them before we acknowledge them as a friend. Most clothes that we wear, we first check the size, the material it’s made from and the price… Yes, we get to know it. So why should we not get to know our food? In the future when you’re shopping in a grocery store, take a little time to “get to know your food”. Think about that animal that the meat came from and how it was raised.  Think about the large amount of sugar in that beverage.  If you look at the ingredients on a processed food and you see a lot of things you’re not familiar with, well, consciously make a decision on whether or not you think it’s good for you.  Even if you do buy it, at least you can say, you got to know it first.