Own Who You Are!

What does it mean to “own who you are”?  The concept of owning who you are goes back to the basic principles of self-knowledge and self-awareness, with a proactive drive towards making sound decisions and taking positive actions to promote self-empowerment.  Self-empowerment then becomes the basis for community empowerment.

Before we as individuals can address external issues that impact our lives and our community, we must first have a clear understanding of who we are as individuals.  Having that clear understanding of who you are is what helps you to develop the confidence to trust, respect, and have faith in yourself.  That confidence is then what allows you to make sound decisions to promote sustainment and take empowering actions, as well as to accept full responsibility for the results of those decisions and actions.  And that is the foundation of the basic principle of ownership.  This simple principle of ownership, when applied to the self, becomes a powerful tool for positive change.  Once you develop a sense of ownership over yourself, you can then apply that same sense of ownership to all areas of your life.  Whether it’s relationships, school, work, or your community, the way you interact in all of those areas will be directly impacted by your sense of ownership, first over yourself and then in all other areas.  However, ownership over self does not necessarily come naturally; it is a proactive choice that you have to make.  And it’s the best decision you can make for yourself and for your community.


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Should we value our diversity?

Do we value the diversity in our community? Do we realize people of different religions, political views, sexuality, social and economical classes, and cultural traditions make our community stronger? We should embrace our diversity and use it as a tool to strengthen our community for all who live in it.


Are you “Owning the Game”?

One way to improve upon current conditions in your community is to not just change the game, but to own the game.  Owning the game means setting in place value systems that are beneficial to your  livelihood. It may mean listening primarily to music that uplifts your spirits. It may mean watching television shows and movies that give you a positive and respectful perception of people who live in your community.  It may mean supporting politicians because you directly see their positive influence in your community. Owning the game simply means allowing your own actions to influence your destiny. What can you do to show that you are owning the game?