Economic Responsibility

Economics is normally link to money but at its root, economics is simply linked to survival to not only yourself but to the community in which you live. Providing a means to produce, manage and transfer life sustaining resources while accommodating the wellbeing of the environment and your community is Economic Responsibility. Your ability to attain, maintain, sustain and regain wealth can stem from numerous factors. Contributing factors may include your individual sense of worth, your physical wellbeing, the knowledge afforded to you, and/or your awareness to your environment. These factors are also key in entrepreneurship, economic empowerment and personal financial management.

A community that produces thriving business owners is a thriving community. A community that creates jobs for its members, is an empowering community. An individual who plans and manages their personal finances is valued in the community collective.

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What is a financial plan?

Just like you go to a doctor to get a checkup, or you go to the mechanic for a scheduled oil change, you must consciously be aware of your financial condition. You don’t have to be wealthy to be concerned about your financial situation. In fact, if you’re not wealthy it’s more important for you […]