Learning and applying techniques that will advance your existence as an individual and as a culture is Education. Proper education is essential to lasting growth especially to our youth. Education that promotes the importance of critical thinking and not just mastering the ability to memorize events, sets people on the path of empowerment. True education will empower people to be independent thinkers and take ownership of their destiny and remove a sense of unearned entitlement to external entities. Valued education should also give all people a sense of worth. Learning that puts greater emphasis on true diverse contributions and not just on a perceived superior one-sided perspective, strengthens innovation and progress.

Being given tools which only allows you to thrive in a controlled confined space is enslavement. Being given tools which allow you to breakdown the walls of confinement is Education.

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African American history does not start at enslavement!

Can some of the challenges that are faced in the African-American community be a result of a limited or lack of African centered history in American schools and the home?  If African-American people understood that their rich history was not only about overcoming human rights atrocities here in the United States, but also included a […]