Environmental Awareness

The Environment will exist without humans but humans will not exist without the Environment. A culture is not beneficial to humankind if it puts its Environmental Awareness second to anything else. Cultures that do put the Environment first tend to be more peaceful and respectful to other cultures. They are less wasteful and hold a true definition for being a conservative.  Cultures that promote the destruction of natural resources for the primary goal of material wealth should closely examine their ability to maintain long-term sustainability. The Environment supports elements (i.e. air, water, food) that provide a means for human existence. If you trade the destruction of something that has true worth (like clean water) for something with no true worth (like paper money), you eventually find yourself with nothing of value. It’s a simple concept but it is not being widely practiced in today’s society.
African culture is rooted in the Environment through ceremonial rituals, social practices, and spiritual beliefs.  To be African is to be Environmentally Aware. Protect humankind by respecting the Environment.
Respect our Environment…

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Keeping it R.E.A.L.!

Do you know how to really keep it R.E.A.L.(Respect Essentially All Life)? Keeping it real means knowing that the environment in which we live provides us with everything we need to survive. Keeping it real means knowing that if we destroy the environment, we are essentially destroying ourselves. Let’s keep it real… We as humans can be very damaging to our surroundings in […]