Social Self Awareness

Do you know who you are?

Do you know who you are not?

Does the system in which you live support a healthy self-perception of your individual power and beauty?

If you are given the time to seriously think about these questions, you will start to gain a sense of Social Self Awareness. Be careful of the messages and images that bombard your mind every second of your life. For some people, these messages may tell them that their history starts in an uncivilized land where their ancestors engaged in backwards practices. For others, these messages may build a notion of superiority based on human features and ethnic culture. Repetitious images can form your opinion on how you feel about yourself and other people, which can create deep rooted emotions like fear, hate, and guilt. By allowing these images and messages into your psyche without critical analysis, you relinquish the power to form your own opinions about yourself and others.

African culture is rich in moral strength, acceptance of cultural diversity, physical beauty, and respect for its community!

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Social Self Awareness Blogs

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Own Who You Are!

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Should we value our diversity?

Do we value the diversity in our community? Do we realize people of different religions, political views, sexuality, social and economical classes, and cultural traditions make our community stronger? We should embrace our diversity and use it as a tool to strengthen our community for all who live in it.