What is the Meaning of DeBe?

“DeBe” is an acronym for Deaf eyes Blind ears. Deaf Eyes Blind Ears, LLC is the parent company to the DeBe Wear apparel line.  The company name, like the DeBe Wear apparel line is meant to make you stop, think, and reanalyze the society we live in.

What is the Mission of DeBe Wear?

DeBe Wear is a socially responsible apparel line with a focus on encouraging ownership of Social Self Awareness, Health, Environmental Awareness, Education, and Economic Responsibility to people of the world by promoting positive cultural images and messages from the African diaspora.

Why was DeBe Wear Established?

DeBe Wear was established on August 31st, 2009 with the purpose of increasing the visibility of the impact that African culture has had on the world.  African culture is an intrinsic element to ancient and modern human life, yet it is not always given the positive mainstream exposure that it deserves.  In response to this lack of representation, DeBe Wear was established to promote awareness and be a platform for empowerment.

What is Our Vision?

DeBe Wear will be a renowned brand recognized for quality products, social responsibility, customer loyalty, progressive activism, and strong revenue growth.

How do we Plan to be Successful?

The foundation to DeBe Wear’s success will be summed up in two statements:

Support to the Community!
Support from the Community!